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The Hub
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The Hub
The Neath Primary Care Hub is an innovative Welsh Government Pacesetter project for inventive ways of delivering care in the future and is a new way of working for GPs within the Neath Cluster, which is helping thousands of patients get faster and more direct access to treatment.

All eight GP practices in the Neath GP Cluster work together, using special software, which links their appointment systems and cuts paperwork. The Hub currently has the following health care professionals who care directly for patients:

  • two physiotherapists
  • an audiologist
  • a wax removal healthcare worker
  • a mental health support worker

Patients are triaged by a doctor from their own practice to determine if they need to see a GP face-to-face or can instead get the care they need from another member of the team within the Hub.

By working this way, it has freed up time for GPs to concentrate on patients who specifically need to see a doctor.
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